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Klein Family Story - Mucolipidosis

Jennifer is 28 years old and was diagnosed in 1999 with Mucolipidosis, (ML) Type III

The road to diagnosis was difficult as Jennifer didn’t present symptoms early on in childhood. Doctors had misdiagnosed Jennifer for 1-1/2 years with another disorder.

Today, Jennifer has had multiple surgeries for her back, lungs, ears and most recently her second hip replacement that was successful and has allowed Jennifer to continue walking. She suffers from osteoporosis and benefits from a quarterly infusion that helps strengthen her bones and provides some pain relief. Mucolipidosis is a progressive disease that has no treatment and has no cure.

Our family has made many friends around the world as we travel on this path of rare diseases. She is among approximately 100 patients in the United States with this disease.

Together, our family’s goal is to raise awareness and money for Mucolipidosis II, II/III and III. It is critical we raise funds to develop a treatment for those suffering from ML. There are treatments for some of the sister MPS diseases that are similar to Jennifer, but not ML.

Jennifer is fortunate that she graduated with her masters in physiology and is currently a scientist at Collaborations Pharma in Raleigh, NC. She hopes to continue on by obtaining a PhD in lysosomal diseases and find answers to her disease. Jennifer has a passion for learning more about lysosomal diseases and will be highlighting her poster presentation again this year at WORLD. Still, she struggles each day with pain, but has such courage! Her motto, “No, isn’t an option”, resigns with us each day.

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